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    My name is Christine Ochab-DiCostanzo. I will love to share my artwork with you. Some of the pieces you will see here are still available and some are displayed in homes throughout the USA. Let me know if you see anything you are interested in. 

I have loved art for as long as I can remember.   I work in many mediums. Oils, pastels, watercolors, and graphite. I paint portraits, animals, or buildings and landscapes. I like to capture a special moment or feeling in each. I do custom paintings. 

  I enjoy what I do.  I want my clients to Love what I create for them so they can enjoy it for years to come.  Pricing upon request.


      I teach painting parties in the area. Have the party at your home.   I will supply everything needed to complete a 16 x 20 Acrylic painting. Fun for every level of painter,  I walk you through it step by step. The cost is $30.00 per person. The host of the party doesn't need to pay.  You supply food and drinks.  You will get to choose from samples which painting your party would like to paint.  It takes two to three hours to complete a painting. Contact me if you are interested.


Pool Gate


Sadie and the White Rabbit (Sold)

Coca-cola Bride and Groom  8"x10"


People's Choice Award  "Buck"s Byer's  Art Exhibition"  April 10,2014

Delaware River  8 x 10











Home Sweet Home  















Wading Geese  

16 x 20













New Hope  Geese















Into the Woods

11 x 14


Beachbum   8 X 10 oil on board

View of Farm   Ringoes,NJ  20 X 24 oil   In Mahogany Frame

Veiw from Bull's Island  "Springtime By Riverbank"   8" x 10"

Queen Celeste   24 x 24 Oil on Wrapped CanvasQueen Celeste  24 x 24 Oil on Wrapped CanvasQueen Celeste  24 X24 Oil on Wrapped Canvas SOLD


"Together Through the Rain" 36 x 48 Oil on Canvas  $3,125.00


Dragon Fire  16 x 20 Oil on Canvas board  $525.00  Framed

Entrance to Wonderland  8 x 10 Oil on Canvas Board   $150.00   UnframedEntrance to Wonderland

SunniesWarm Sunny Day  16x20 Oil on canvas Board  $1,000.00


Little  Whimsey

The Path    20 x 24 Oil on Wrapped Canvas"The Path"   20 x 24 Oil on Wrapped Canvas  $ 1,500.00

Lambertville Canal* x 10 Oil SOLD

IntertwinedIntertwined"Eternal Dance         SOLD

Two Sunshine Faces 5 x 7 on BoardDiva 2 WatercolorDiva 1 WatercolorDiva 1 and 2 

Sunset Dance 11 x 14 Wooden canvas OilSunset Dance 11 x 14  Oil on  wrapped Wooden canvas  $550.00

Beneath the Swell"Beneath the Swell"    16 x 20 Oil on Canvas Board

Endless Interlude 8 x 10 Oil on BoardEndless Interlude  8x10 Oil on Board

Eternal Tango

Shed along Stockton Towpath

Welcome Visitor

Crystal Pirouette

Fallen love

Tipsy Sunflowers

Poppies  8 x 10

Sunflower Garden 8 x 10